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We strive to make your purchase as stress and worry free as possible. We want you, the buyer to be aware of all aspects of the process, and we are always available to explain the various steps that are being taken. This communication lessens any anxiety and simplifies the procedure.
Whether it is a private party transaction, or working with a broker or dealer, and financial institutions, Alaska Maritime Documentation will co-ordinate all of the areas of the transaction and coordinate the needs of the various parties to facilitate and ensure a smooth purchase

In addition, title problems often arise or become known to the seller at the time of the sale of a vessel or to the buyer AFTER purchase. We can't tell you how often liens still exist on boats even though they may have been paid, or a vessel has been sold and the document not properly transferred and a former owner is still on record as owner and then can't be found. Many folks think they will simply not renew their document and all is well, not so. Once documented, always documented until a written request for deletion is granted.

We have dealt with many situations of this kind and can guide both buyer and seller through an unwelcome surprise at this most inconvenient time.



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